Philosophy & Vision

Wonbiogen is “together with people”
with the mindset of “make your life beautiful and healthy,”
we will research new every day and create value.


For people,
Make your life
beautiful and healthy

Life Style

We will contribute to making the world more
beautiful and healthier together with our customers
by contemplating a customer-oriented lifestyle in
order to create a healthy and beautiful life
for our customers.

Value Creation

Wet-dressing brand that protects wounds,
a medical device that applies and cosmetics brand,
From R&D to product mass production,
we made it with sincerity for consumers through
Manufacturer's development products (ODM).


  • No.1
    in the world

  • Global No.1
    Medical Bio
    Leading Company

  • For people

  • Make your life
    beautiful and healthy

With the mind of the customer, a new brand
Wound care Medisorb

We are developing products by researching all the concerns necessary
for wound care with communication with customers.
In collaboration with large domestic pharmaceutical companies and
hospitals and clinics, we research and develop for optimal products
from customized “wound care wet dressing medical devices & quasi-drugs”
to “scar relief medical devices” using digital technology.

Medisorb, a medical device
that can be applied to the lifestyle of customers

Medisorb products with excellent spreadability and absorption that can help skin healthy have been certified as a medical device by the Korea Medical Device Safety Information Service to help protect wounds and manage damaged skin barrier.

We are researching and developing various "applying medical devices" to provide solutions for customers' healthy skin.