About US

WONBIOGEN is constantly doing its best to research technology with an intelligible experimental mind and enthusiastic zest.

WONBIOGEN Co., Ltd.'s technology research institute makes every effort to conduct technology
research with a clear experimental mindset and enthusiastic zeal to localize high-functional
medical products that will produce high values and manufacture various kinds of wettable dressing materials.

Through a close industry-university cooperative research and development relationship with Korea's
renowned universities and university hospitals, we have also promoted R&D based on organic,
methodical, and trustworthy systems.

We pledge to continuously conduct research and development in order to establish ourselves as a
leading bio-organization with the best technical expertise in the bio industry.

Major Research Areas

  • Electronic Medical Device

    As the population ages and the quality of life improves as a result of
    technological advancements, the importance of new medical technology
    has increased. A real-time live metabolic syndrome monitoring patch is a
    micro needle integrated nano-bio multi sensor-based flexible patch
    technology for effective health care, disease prevention, and emergency
    response by simultaneously detecting and monitoring glucose, uric acid
    level, and ECG, which can contribute to the reduction of social and
    medical expenses and serve as the foundation for health and welfare
  • Cell Culture Matrix

    Cell culture matrix is an innovative matrix that produces nano fiber felts through
    electric radiation and irradiates electrons onto the surface to graft
    temperature-responsive high molecules and recover single cells easily and
    quickly with no damage during cultivation.
  • Artificial Skin

    Artificial skin is intended to be used for patients who have severe skin damage,
    as it prevents infection and loss of body fluids, as well as scarring on their wounded
    parts and severe contraction that may occur during healing.
    Its function as a covering material provides a passage through which human cells
    easily pass, actively aids cell reproduction, and decomposes and is absorbed
    into the human body.
  • Bio Chip

    A bio chip combined with living body organisms such as genes and proteins,
    as well as semi-conductors, is the cutting-edge technology in which we must
    excel in order to become a technologically advanced country.
    It has new applications ranging from human disease prediction and diagnosis
    to brain and genome research and the development of next-generation electronic
    devices such as bio computers.
  • Hyaluronic acid-based product

    Hyaluronic acid, a high biocompatible raw material, is a substance in the
    human body skin that has no inflammatory or foreign body reactions and promotes
    collagen formation.
    We investigate products in a variety of fields (cosmetics, medical devices, and DDS)
    based on the benefits of hyaluronic acid.